Error message says no hard drive detected.

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I have a computer which has been giving me problems for some time. Some times when it is turned on, it works fine. At other times before the Operating system can finish loading, it displays a message that says, "No hard drive detected."

Since I have taken the hard drive out and tried it in another system, it works fine. I've even replaced the ribbon cables connecting the hard drive to the motherboard, and even inserting a new hard drive.

However this yielded the same result.

Please suggest.


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Error message says no hard drive detected.


I would recommend that you make sure first that it displayed in the Bios (usually DEL or F1 on boot gets in). If you do not see your hard disk in the BIOS your motherboard might not be detecting it at all!

In your post you have mentioned that you have already tried changing the cables and tried the hard disk in a different PC, so it might well be your motherboard playing up. If you hard disk is SATA, did u trying using a different port to see if it works? If not try that. Make sure all cables connecting to the hard disk and to the motherboard are tightly fitted and make sure your PC components are free from dust.

Best of luck!

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Error message says no hard drive detected.





In your post, you stated that you already replaced the ribbon cable connectors. How about the power connector? Did you try a different one? If not, then please try another power connector. Most of the power supply has 2 to 3 power connectors. For the hard drive, CDROM, Fan, or an extra.

If all of this options still not resolve the problem, you can borrow the ribbon cable from the computer where you tested your drive that seemed working in there and try it in your own computer. If all of this fails, then your motherboard is the real deal. The motherboard might be failing due to heavy dust that blocks its electronics or it reaches the time where it needs replacement.

Good Luck

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Error message says no hard drive detected.


Hi Anonymous.

It's possible the system is referring to one SATA connection as adapter 1 disk and another SATA connection as adapter 2 disk.
So with nothing connected to the adapter 1 disk, the BIOS wants to tell you that.
And the other hard drive is connected to adapter 2 disk and it's boot loader it's messed up so that error is displayed.

The way to fix the first error would be to go into the BIOS and set the adapter 1 disk to none so the warning doesn't appear.
The way to fix the second error would be to fix the boot loader somehow (Varies depending on OS version) or reinstall Windows. 🙂  

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