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HI experts,
I am running OpenStack by XenServer. I found the following error message*(No
flavor with a name or ID of ' ' exists) *.
When I tried to run * "nova boot test12_88 --flavor 2 --image
9e554483-bec0-4e13-80ad-648004dd7425 --key nova_key"*
And if I put back the flavor ID through flavor name(m1.small), ERROR turns into "*Invalid flavorRef provided(HTTP 400)".**

Please help. Thanks a lot.

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Hello Hansmith,

I am using the same thing, OpenStack by XenSrver and I have not found any errors on it. There might be some portions that you haven’t installed properly. If you have properly installed it, you may run "nova boot test12_88 --flavor 2 --image9e554483-bec0-4e13-80ad-648004dd7425 --key nova_key" instead of using this one “nova boot --flavor 2 --image $id --key $api_key --username $api_user name_12_8” in your application. And then use the flavor ID through flavor name “m1.small”, as much as I have attempted using it, it doesn’t say any error at all.

I hope I got your point in answering this query and I hope this information is of good help.

Good Luck!