Error in Internet Connection through Airtel Broadband

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Hello everyone

Iam using Airtel Broadband, I have desktop as well laptop, iam able to connect my laptop and browse with high speed,

And able to connect desktop as well and open a Google homepage but iam unable to open other than Google page.

Its giving me an error 'SECURITY CERTIFICATION'.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Error in Internet Connection through Airtel Broadband


Hello Alden,

Whenever you try to connect to a website that uses S S L to send out data, the server that host the website current Google Chrome and other browsers with a certificate to confirm its identity. The certificate holds information such as the address of the website, which is confirmed by a third party organization that you browser beliefs. By inspecting that the address in the certificate matches the address of the website, it is impossible to verify that you are communicating to the website named on the certificate and not someone pretending to be that website.
The head reasons for errors are:
The web-site is not trustable
Security Certificate has run out
Computer’s date is set to a incorrect value
The major cause for some security certificate error is that the certificates are legal for some period, and there are chances that will get this warning if your computer’s date is set to extra date or a valid date. The best thing to do is to check the computer’s date and time settings. However, if the problem persists, then see the CMOS battery as another problem.
If you have fixed the date settings, there will be time that the problem will show errors again, and you will notice the “Security Certificate Error”. It is surely that it has already expired, and should be renewing from some other time or the site is not trustable to browse. 
I hope this was help!
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Error in Internet Connection through Airtel Broadband


If you are receiving an error about an invalid security certificate when visiting a web site, there is still a way on how to go through that page where the browser brought you and continue to visit the site.

Just read the message on the page to find out how to continue browsing to the site. When I encountered this problem using Mozilla Firefox, there’s a part in the page where you need to accept the invalid certificate in order for you to continue to the site. Do this only if you know that the site is really safe.

Browser encounters this invalid security certificate error because the site issues a different security certificate that is not registered to its original address and belongs to a different web site.

For example, the site’s address is, when the browser accesses the site and checks its security certificate it uses a certificate that is issued to which is very different from its own domain name and address.

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