Error at the instruction at 0x00425d5d referenced memory at 0x00133000

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Hi experts,

I have installed on my Windows XP (x32) the program Notepad++ and when I tried to run it this error appeared. On my PC I have 4GB RAM and I don’t know why is saying that I don’t have enough memory. Can anyone help me please to fix this ? What memory is talking about ?

Thank you !

Notepad++ – new 1: notepad++.exe – Application Error

The instruction at”0x00425d5d” referenced memory at “0x00133000”. The memory could not be “read”.

Click on OK to terminate the program


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Error at the instruction at 0x00425d5d referenced memory at 0x00133000


There is actually no problem with your application. That error refers to the memory of your computer where Notepad++ is loaded. It is an error alright but a harmless error. To make sure you are using the latest version, download Notepad++ 6.6.3. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Though that error you received mentioned Notepad++, it doesn’t really refer to the program directly but to the memory location where the application is loaded and accessed by the operating system. Most of the time, this error is encountered when shutting down the computer or closing the application. This error is the fault of the system when unloading the program from the memory.

When you start a program like Notepad++, the operating system loads part of it to the memory or to the physical RAM. The data of the program is transferred and accessed either in the physical RAM or in the page file of the operating system. When you close your application, the operating system needs to unload all the data loaded by the program from the memory both from the page file and physical RAM.

If an error such as this appeared on your screen when closing an application, just close the dialog box and restart your computer. All will be back to normal. It’s just a glitch.

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