Error with Eclipse Unsupported content type in editor.

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I have this error with Eclipse and I don’t know why this one appeared. I have inserted a correct Xhtml and still. I am not an expert working with Eclipse so am looking for an expert solution. Can any expert from this website help me with my problem? Is this an Eclipse error and how can I prevent it to happen in the future?

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Unsupported Content Type

Unsupported content type in editor.

To associate file extension with a supported content type, please see Content Types Preference Page

Do not show this message again



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Error with Eclipse Unsupported content type in editor.


This error in Eclipse usually happens on using other files with “.module” as the extension. The error appears when you open the XHTML file using the Eclipse web page editor and then it prompts you with this error. See image.

If you want to use several file formats like with “.module” extension and make Eclipse think that it is PHP, go to Window, Preferences, General, Editors, and then finally File Associations. Here, add your file extensions such as your “.module” and then associate them with your desired PHP editor. After this, restart Eclipse to apply the changes and it should fix the problem.

You can also install Eclipse 3.6 Helios to fix the problem though it is no longer the latest version. Download the latest release from Eclipse Kepler 4.3.2.

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