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Hello all,

New SMART Boards, SB680, were recently put up in our school. I am trying to install the SMART Board but I get an error message during SMART Notebook Software installation from both CD and downloaded driver.

It says, "The installation did not succeed Exit Error Code 1613."

I need to know why I always get this message. It's very frustrating when the same thing happens over and over again.

Please help me. Thank you!

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The software that is included in your package that is in your compact disk (CD) and the file driver that you downloaded from the internet. Is not the problem that you should be worried about. The error that is showing to your system while you are installing the software is a windows service pack. In this case that your Operating System must have the latest version of Windows Service pack with windows service installer.

You must download and install a new windows service pack . The one that have a new windows service installer. In this case you can continue your installation of your Smart Notebook Board Driver.

You can download the driver from this official site: