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Hi! I am seeing error display in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). The two figures below appeared on the screen. The second one occurred mainly in Chrome. I don’t really understand what’s going on? It shows an error message in a tooltip. What should I do? Please help me resolve this issue. Thank you!

Figure 1

Figure 2


<font color =red>Business Process must have at least one outbound edge. </font>  
<font color =red> T2 error msg</font>          

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You used two bullet type images in your website. And you also want to show a text at the below of your pictures or images.

You attached two figures in your question but unfortunately you did not post or add the details code which you used in your website. If I got the full code or script, then I may fix your problem correctly in your code or script.

Now it’s so difficult for me to give an answer regarding your issue without the details HTML script.

You need to separate your element in that script for getting an error free output result. So check all tags in your script.