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I use Outlook 2011 for MAC user that is showing the following error:

Error: Could not synchronize record: Discuss layout for new sampler packs to Exchange server
Details: The meeting request has already been sent and might not be updated.
Error Code: -19718

We are using Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1.  Also these errors showing the user's Outlook is running as it is supposed to be. There were some extra errors pertaining to gathering requests and he found the requests and removed them. The errors recorded in the attached file are for gathering requests.

I searched in Google for the Error code and the information but I could not find anything on it.  

Need a solution. Thanks in advance.

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Change Key operation has a lot to do with the error code that you are getting.

Have you checked to see if your program is set to “Auto Resolve?”  

The Auto Resolve is a default mode for Outlook.

If that is not there then that would be the reason for the error message that you are getting.

Try uninstalling outlook, and reinstalling it.

If that does not work then, you can also try this 2582113 Description of Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1  

I found this at

Most update drivers are free so this should help.

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Hello Seth,

To resolve the issue that you are getting, you will need to quit all the other applications that are running on your computer, and then follow the steps below:

  • You will need to select  Force Quit from the Apple menu, or you can as well press Command - Option - Esc.
  • After that you can choose an application in the "Force Quit Applications" window.
    Note: You cannot be able to quit Finder.
  • After that you will need to click Force Quit.
  • And then repeat this process until you quit all active applications.

Note that when you force an application to quit, any unsaved changes to open documents will not be saved. After that you can try starting Outlook for Mac 2011 again and see if it will work.



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There is another Techyv post which one also addressed about this issue. Go that page get more helpful information to fix this issue. 

Meeting Request Error in Outlook 2011 for Mac