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Hi, I am getting error code 0003 and error code 2000-0333 with my Dell Inspiron 1525. Can anybody tell me what' s this about. Thanks in advance.

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Hello, Andrew word

Actually this is a very common issue with the dell machines, where the diagnostic tools are auto configured.

The error code 2000-0333 in the dell Inspiron 1525 means that you have run the diagnostic tool, or it was launched automatically, and on the part where the test shows some color bars, it must have prompted you to press “Y”, which you have not done, and the time for pressing Y ran out.

Solution, simply run another diagnostic, and this time press “Y” when prompted and this error will not come again.

Furthermore, the error code 0003 also depicts the same issue which is explained above




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Sometimes error codes are customized especially for branded computers like Dell. These kinds of errors don’t normally appear when using other computers with different brand and or different motherboard. And not all Dell computers have the same tools available. Like for example, in Dell OptiPlex GX260 series, it features a drive diagnostic utility when pressing F12 from the keyboard. This tool may not be available in other Dell computer versions.

It’s kind of hard to find the exact reason for the error code you are seeing or the exact value for the error code you received. This problem is not new to me since I am also one of those who are using a Dell computer. I tried an article that lists different error codes for Dell computers and I found “PSA 1000-0333PSA+ 2000-0333”. The problem has to do with the video card timing out. If this problem is similar to you, try removing your video card then connect it again. After that run the diagnostics tool again then wait for the result.

If you are using the built-in video card then I guess it would be best to use a new one. But if you are using a separate video card not the built-in one then I think you need to attach it on a different computer to check it again before deciding on replacing it. If it failed again then you are sure now that you need to buy a new one. Usually in built-in video cards, once it started to malfunction and exhibit different errors like this one, the whole motherboard is affected. There are times where sudden restart will happen. But as what I experienced with a Dell computer, its built-in graphics card is not that easily to get broken.

To help you further and find other error codes and their possible cause, you may visit Pre-Boot System Assessment for Dell Computers. It would also help if you download the manuals for your Dell computer. You can download the manuals from Dell | Support | Manuals. Here you will need your Dell computer’s Service Tag [somewhat like HL4C718, can be found on your CPU panel] or the Express Service Code.

Sharath Reddy

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All along my visit to the as a part of my regular visit. For that reason I know about the depth of Techyv expert knowledge. As is known in their knowledge I don’t fear when I face any problem with my PC. Hello Techyv adviser, all of your advices were good but Sharath your comment was exceptional to me for your easy-to-use explanation.

You brought some information which is very effective as a guide to the viewers like mine. Your concept was right this problem was with the video card timing out. After reading your comment I have done all activities which you have mentioned to do as well visiting your provided link I have also gathered knowledge that were indeed very useful for me as a computer user. Thanks Sharath I salute your knowledge as well Techyv too.