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Hi guys, I am getting this error code 1691648 when installing counter strike 1.6 What does this mean? I really need your advice. Please help? 

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Hi Leigh

I understand that you are still trying to install counter strike 1.6 to your computer and the error code 1691648 pops up. It means that either that there are corrupt files or compatibility issues of the software’s. I’m not sure the exact OS that you are installing but I want you to follow these steps to help us fix the issue. These steps are for windows OS.

We will verify the game's cache integrity and steam will fix any corrupted files. Do not run the process if there are other applications running.

-You load Steam  and from the Library files tab, select the game and go to Properties

-Go to the Local files tab and click Verify integrity of game cache.

-Steam will verify and fix corrupted files.

-Re-extract the game files of Counter Strike then install.

Enjoy the game!

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That’s right. The error means something or there is a corrupted file in your game. But there is actually no problem even if you see this error on your screen right after you start Counter-Strike 1.6. It can easily be fixed. The error is sometimes caused by the previous update you did using Steam’s client update.

You just need to wait for the next available update from Steam because it will fix any corrupted files in your game. Counter-Strike 1.6, I think, is really designed for Microsoft Windows XP. The game was released in November 1, 2000 both in the United States and the United Kingdom published and developed by Valve.

Though the game requires internet connection, you can still play it offline mode and fight against bots as your enemies. To install bots on Counter-Strike 1.6, download and install Counter-Strike 1.6 Z-Bot. This bot-version offers different sets of commands different from the usual bots you install in earlier versions of Counter-Strike.

Sharath Reddy