Error Code 148 in CAD Viewer

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I am using CAD Viewer 9 A. 24, but I am getting an error when I try to open an AutoCAD drawing.

First I get Error Code 148.

I click OK, but another error appears saying it doesn't support entities in the drawing (I have attached a screenshot of the said errors below).

Error Could not load DXF DWG file.

Error. Could not load DXF/DWG file.

Error code: -148

Software doe not support entities in this drawing

CAD Viewer 

Software doe not support entities in this drawing.

Or drawing is empty.

Or an error occurred.

CAD viewer

About CAD Viewer

I tried upgrading to A. 30, but the error still shows up each time I try to open the drawing. I tried opening the same drawing from another computer using A. 10, and it opened without any problems at all.

Too bad I can’t attach a copy of the drawing in question due to confidentiality issues (maybe it can help solve the problem). But I am wondering, what could be the software feature differences between A. 10 and A. 24 that prevents the drawing from being opened?

Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this problem?

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Error Code 148 in CAD Viewer


Hi Jordan,

Error Code: -148 is an error in reading layer.  You can try to recover the file just go to File > Recover.

If still the error occurs, download the latest version of the Cad Viewer. The latest one is CAD Viewer 10 A. 20 with feature. Here is the download page:

If still problem exists, just feel free to inquire here or ask your question:

Hope this will help.

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