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I have a batch file that installs LibreOffice and then automatically updates and do some modifications during the install process.

The installation works fine and the user was able to run the program.

However,  SMS returns: Error Code 1.

Any workarounds for this problem?

How can I return a successful install when the install is actually successful?

Any help will greatly be appreciated.

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If you use a Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) advertisement to run Clitravl.exe to set or modify Travel mode on SMS clients, the advertisement return a "failed" status even if Clitravl.exe runs successfully.

Here is the cause of that error.Clitravl.exe returns error code 1 even if it runs successfully. You can confirm this by verifying that the Travel mode properties are selected on the clients and that the advertisement status is "failed."

To work around on this issue here is my suggestion:

To work around this behavior and to cause the correct status to be returned, you can run Clitravl.exe from a batch file to detect and set the return status. This is a sample batch file:

clitravl.exe /TRAVEL=ON
if errorlevel 1 exit 0