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Author: Ronald luna
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I cannot play a M4V files in my WMP12.

I always received an error C00D11B1 and the error says, it cannot play the file.

I run Windows 7.

Any fix about this?

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You have a codec problem there are possible solutions for your problem but I will recommend the number "1" solution.

1. You may download and install a codec pack from a trusted source.

I will give you a link but if you have other sources it's fine

Please scroll down and click "Download [ K-Lite Codec Pack 8.4.0 FULL ]

2. Upgrade or update the player that you are using it may be outdated.

3. It may be an corrupted file on your windows( very low chance)

I hope it will solve your problem may I know if it will work or not

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Dear Ronald,

Please try the below mentioned steps in sequential fashion to get past the issue.

Step1:  Click on Start button, navigate to Control Panel, search for sound in the search box.

You will see four tabs here, namely Playback, Recording, Sounds and Communication.

Out of these four tabs, Click on the Sounds tab.

From the sound scheme drop down select windows default modified, click on Apply and then OK

If the Step 1 does not fixes the issue, move to Step 2.

Step 2: Open the Media Player. Navigate to Media Player options and select auto detect proxy.

This should rectify the error.

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Thank you Brionas brain and Perlas Draplin.

The steps you both gave helped me a


And resulted for the error in my Windows Media Player 12 to disappear.

Thank you so much TechyV.