Error 666 occurred with Notepad++

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Hi experts,

I got this error while I was trying to use the “Ctrl F” key combo with a URL on the clipboard and trying to search inside an HTML document. Can someone help me please to fix this error ? What it means and I have this number 666 ?

Thank you !

Notepad++ Exception

God Damned Exception: 666


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Error 666 occurred with Notepad++


When receiving this error in Notepad++, you can totally ignore the text “God Damned Exception”. Error 666 really means that an error was encountered when creating a dialog window or a dialog box such as the User Defined dialog or the Column editor. The extra text in the dialog box is only an expression from the author.

Though it’s not professional to insert that kind of text in an application, the author’s idea about it when it was inserted was that if you got offended by the message, no one is forcing you to use Notepad++. They intend to change it anyway but those who accidentally got the message because of pressing CTRL + F they can consider it as a joke from the authors of Notepad++.

Though it’s not funny but it is really a joke. In case you are not yet using the latest version, download it from Notepad++ 6.6.3.

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