ERROR 1935 while installing Microsoft office 2010 on Windows 7

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Installing Office 2010 on Windows 7 64 bit, error 1935. Error 1935 during installation of assembly component (63E949F6-03BC-5C40-A01F-C8B3B9A1E18E). HRESULT: 0x800736FD. Online to a problem of micrsoft.NET framework to repair or re-install, but on my computer windows 7 64 bit Framework and the updates tell me that everything is in order.

The program windows installer appears to hang when launching some applications. An update is to do?

Windows update should do it automatically?

Another error message noted that I did not have the permission to execute the program / update, "contact your system administrator" when I am the only profile and the only administrator on my computer. Any related reply for this ERROR 1935 while installing Microsoft office 2010 on windows 7 will be appreciated.

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ERROR 1935 while installing Microsoft office 2010 on Windows 7


Hi Mary. May I know if you have uninstalled the previous Microsoft Office version before you run MS Office 2010 installation? If yes, kindly bring up your Control Panel and see if you'll find any MS Office entry on the list of installed programs. If you find one, please click on the MS Office entry and click the Uninstall button to remove them.

Once you confirm that there is no more MS Office entry on your system, run Windows Update and download all available updates before attempting to run MS Office 201 installation again.

In case you get the same error message, please perform a "clean boot" of your Windows 7 system. A clean boot is a kind of startup wherein only a minimal set of drivers and startup programs will be loaded when you turn on the computer. This should help us eliminate software conflicts which could be preventing MS Office 2010 from being installed. You may proceed with the steps below to perform a clean boot:

1. Click Start then type msconfig.exe in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER to launch the System Configuration utility window.

2. Select the Selective startup option under the General tab, and then clear the Load startup items option check box.

3. Click OK, then click Restart.

Once the computer has been restarted, run MS Office 2010 installation.

If the installation was successful, follow these steps to reset the computer to start as usual:

1. Click Start then type msconfig.exein theStart Search box, and then press ENTER.

2. Click the Normal Startup option on the General tab, and then click OK.

3. When you are prompted to restart the computer, click Restart.

If you are still not successful in installing the application after clean boot, please make sure that the Windows Installer Service is running before running Ms Office 2010 installation again. Here's how:

1. Click Start, right-click Computer, and then click Manage.

2. Click Services and Applications, then click Services.

3. In the details pane, right-click Windows Installer, and then click Start.

Once you confirm that Windows Installer Service is running, please run MS Office 2010 installation.

Lastly, if the issue still persists, please consider restoring your system to an earlier date then run the installation again. System Restore might help especially if the issue was caused by a recent Microsoft Update that was installed to your computer.

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ERROR 1935 while installing Microsoft office 2010 on Windows 7


I think the reason why you are having this error when installing Microsoft Office 2010 is because you are logged in on your computer using a non-administrative account created by your network administrator. If this is the case, you need to ask your network administrator to install Microsoft Office 2010 for you on your workstation.

Always remember that when installing any software, a user account with administrative privileges is always required because this task requires full access to the computer which can’t be done when you are in a limited account. If you are thinking that your computer might not be compatible with the application then this is absolutely wrong.

Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit is perfectly compatible with Microsoft Office 2010. Another thing is that, the error 1935 you get when you installed Microsoft Office 2010 can also be caused when you are not using the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework. Besides receiving error 1935, you might also receive error 2908 which is also related to Microsoft .NET Framework.

To fix this, download the latest version from Microsoft .NET Framework 4 [Standalone Installer]. Or if you prefer the online installer, visit Microsoft .NET Framework 4 [Web Installer].

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