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An error appeared when I am trying to install The Official DSA Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles. The installation finishes until 100%, however, an error message occurred stating: 'Error 1935...' I have tried to restart the computer but this method did not resolve the issue. Please see the error below.

Please provide some ideas that might resolve this error.

The Official DSA Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles Error

Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.MSXML2,publicKeyToken= "6bd6b9abf345378f", version="",type="win32",processorArchitecture="x86"', Please refer to Help and Support for more information.

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It is a windows error or there might be corrupted file from your installer. You need to get a copy of installer which is not corrupted. If the problem in on windows you need to fix it by using software like pc cleaner pro. It will scan your computer and fix windows error. You can also try windows repair for better solution. For you to ensure that next time it will install successfully, run windows update which will install latest patches and updates. You need to turn on windows update to your control panel and it will automatically download updates for you.

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Hello, If the error is still office computer, try installing again and follow this solution:

Repair .Net framework:

1. First click on the start button on the taskbar.

2. Then go to control panel.

3. Now click on Add or Remove Programs.

4. Then select .Net framework from the list of applications.

5. Delete it from your computer.

6. Then close the control panel window.

7. Now open web browser & download. And then .Net framework

From official website of Microsoft.

8. Install on your PC.

9. Just Follow the instructions on screen.

10. You are done.

If you had any problem then follow this instruction:

Disable Windows Firewall:

1. First click on start button on the taskbar.

2. After that the search box type ''Windows Firewall'' and

Press Enter.

3. Now open Windows firewall with advanced security from the search results.

4. Right click on it and select properties.

5. Then select the off option.

6. Apply and you are done.