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I was trying to install AVG 2012 Free Edition for numerous times now but there seems to be a problem with the connection. The error code is “0xE001003D”. The error message is “Specified file was not found” with additional message of “An internal MSI Engine error occurred”. How can I fix it?

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Hello friend,

      As per analyzing this error code that first of all you need a proper internet connection for full installation and when search out this code it is located at:
AVG 2012 (incl. Previous Versions) Uninstall / Re-Install Instructions.

please check out this as well

Before Installing AVG Free Edition.

 hope this will help a lot...


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Please disable Windows defender first.

Your situation is caused by some issue with access rights and it got fixed in Beta version.

Signing up for beta and downloading installation package only takes a few minutes. You are not required to take any action / do any actual testing after you sign up. You can simply download the beta installation package and use AVG as usual

Please install last beta build.

Hope this will fix up your problem.