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Author: James Medina
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I can’t start my Windows Live Photo Gallery in my computer using my Windows 7 OS. It tells me that Windows Live Photo Gallery encountered an error and cannot start with a code 0x80070003. I quit the program and tried opening it again but I got the same error message. I closed all other opened programs and browsers and restarted my computer but still, I get the same error message. Please help me find solution to my problem. Thanks!

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          For you to fix this kind of a problem, the best solution that I know is to contact support for that software. But since sometimes people don’t like to do it, you can try some solutions like, uninstall and install the program again. You can try that, it is just easy, try to uninstall windows live photo gallery then install it again to your computer.  A lot of problems with software are solved by re-installing. There is a new window live now and it is windows live photo gallery 11, you can try that one. I Hope this helps you.

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Thank you for finding the solution to my problem. I did followed your suggestion on upgrading to a newer version of Windows Live photo gallery. And i liked it better..