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How do I play Blu-Ray disk with Power DVD 9 Ultra? I have just bought my Power DVD 9 Ultra but I was so disappointed because I could not play any Blu-Ray music with it and I am getting an error message with code 0024. The online help is not very useful.

I am just redirected to some forums which I don’t see any help at all. I need somebody to respond to me immediately. I have tried re-installing the application set up but still, it did not work. Do I need to discard this and buy a new one?

Help me please.

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The main reasons for Cyber link Power DVD 9 & code 0024 are:

1) Newer operating system and old version of Blue ray drive, which sometimes conflict playing the blue ray song or movie in Cyber link Power DVD 9.

2) Update firmware is needed to match the Cyber link Power DVD 9 and blue ray device.

3) Blue ray device has an internal problem, and the problem is visible up when Cyber link Power DVD 9 is installed.

My recommendations are :

a) Uninstall the Cyber link Power DVD 9 and update firmware. Then reinstall the Cyber link Power DVD 9 with proper ID and Password.

b) Change/replace your Blue ray Device according to your latest Operating system’s compatibility.


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