Erase slack space Mac forums

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Hi, I need to erase slack space in my system. Is there any erase slack space mac forums available?

Or any one tell me the steps to erase slack space.

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Erase slack space Mac forums


Slacks are caused when OS fails to save data on contiguous memory locations. To remove slack space you have to run a defragment program on Mac. I suppose there are few available defrag tools for Macs. However, you can choose from:

  • Stellar Drive Defrag
  • IDefrag
You can also try the demo first (if available). 


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Erase slack space Mac forums


Hello there Carl,

Erasing slack space is very delicate task to do, but before buying programs try to do the following steps first to free up some space on your mac :

1. Empty Trash – On Finder > type in Trash > on Menu bar select "Secure Empty Trash"

2. Set "Empty Trash Securely" – Finder > Preference > Advanced > Check off " Empty Trash Securely"

3. Free up Space using Disk Utility – Finder > Disk Utility > Highlight your partition > on "Erase" tab, click "Erase Free Space"

If you still needed more space and your slack space is still high, i suggest you download BCWipe, a full tutorial on how to wipe files software is here.

I hope this help you.

Waall Mike

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