Encountered error 0x80010a12 when installing MS Windows Service Pack

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Hey Gurus,

I got this error message when I tried installing a Microsoft Windows service pack where an error code was also indicated. 

I have searched the web regarding this error and have included the error code number but it seems nobody has encountered yet this error. 

Can somebody please help me?

Error message below:

       Install Windows Service Pack

       Installation was not successful

       An unknown error has occurred. (Details)

       Error: 0x80010a12

      Go online learn more about this issue

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Encountered error 0x80010a12 when installing MS Windows Service Pack


What type of operating system are you using? Microsoft Errors usually occur if one or more registry keys are corrupt preventing the service pack to update them. The installer runs in an administrator account and it cannot access restricted registry keys thus the installation fails. The following steps require that you log in using an administrator account.

1. Close out all running programs to refresh the computer then restart it. After restarting, try to download the service pack again.

2. Since a third party program such an antivirus commonly causes installation failure, it is recommended that you turn off your security program before installing this file. You may normally close these programs by going to the notification bar (near system date). Right click the 3Rd Party program icon then selects disable/turn off/close or any option to exit the program. If you do not find an option here then you will need to consult the program’s documentation or manufacturer for support. One the AV has been disabled, try reinstalling the Service pack again. Once completed, restart the computer and enable the AV program again.

3. If you are an advanced user and is comfortable modifying the registry, you may download a file from Microsoft which can fix registry file errors by resetting file permissions. You may download the file from this site. after running this file, try installing the Service pack again and see if it works.

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Encountered error 0x80010a12 when installing MS Windows Service Pack


Always, Before installing any service pack make sure there is no other program running on your computer as it may end up interfering with the installation process of the service pack. Another possible cause may be due to inconsistency in windows servicing store. The easiest way is by Doing Advanced troubleshooting, but if it can't work;

Make sure you stopped and closed all other running applications on your computer, restart your PC and try to install the pack again.

Another step will be for you to first disable all the security applications on your computer, restart it and then try to re-install your service pack and it has installed, restore your security settings.


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