Email bounces and boilerplate footer to the error message

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I use cgi::carp fatalsToBrowser to be able to display important error messages to the end user when my perl scripts barf. However, a boilerplate footer to the error message always appears together with the date and time of the error:

"For help, please send mail to the webmaster ([email protected]).”

I tell the people in our network to try to send an email to localhost, but they complain that the message only bounces. Where should I put the email address in parenthesis?

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Email bounces and boilerplate footer to the error message


If you have made a trigger for this then you need to specify your email address in it.

First make sure that it is set for the right kind of errors. Because sometimes there are things that always trigger it without any reason and people use to see it even if they hadn't done anything wrong.

So my advice is to make a trigger for it. Specify the need when it should be fired.

Once done, use your email address, assign it to a variable and pass the variable in the alert display message. So whenever the message is displayed, it will contain the email that you have stored in the variable used within the display message

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