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I just purchased The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game but I could not continue with the game. It gives an “Application Load Error 5:0000065434.” I can go to the home screen but I cannot continue playing. This is an original disk from Steam. Help please. I run Windows 7 64-bit.

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You are encountering a problem that you have purchased the original game but it is not running on your computer and the error you are telling can arise due to of two reasons:

1. Although you have purchased the original CD but maybe there are some files which are missing in the CD therefore it is not loading on your system.

2. Have you check your system qualify the game system requirements. If yes then the option is that you window is not working properly and you have to change you window install your window again and then check is it running or not. Hope this will run this time and this solution will help you doing this so.

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Hey there! I couldn't help but noticed that you didn't specify exactly the computer that you’re currently using. In running a game, see to it that your computer have the right hardware. Upon checking and you found out that you do have the correct specs, try to reinstall the game again to solve the error. Mostly reinstalling a game can fix things up. If you rather not do that all over again, and it’s too troublesome for you, don't fret. I know of an alternative way to help you fix your load application error without having to redo your previous download and also not let your precious time wasted for nothing.

Steps to do:
- First, open your Steam folder directory.

- The next step is to move it to a new location while you proceed with the installation of the game. Once it’s done, place the folder back.

- Start by loading Steam, from there on, you'll find the Library section; Right click the game and then from the menu select Properties.

- Click the Local files. To select the game cache button, click Verify integrity. This will take a few minutes for Steam to verify everything on the game files. Afterwards, once it’s complete, the Check Window will exit automatically.




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Techyv is one of the great sites I ever registered on line. It is very useful.Thank you Red for sharing that. I have done all the steps and was able to find answers on all the troubles of the Elder Scroll. Good job. Thanks