Earth Alerts- Lockdown in sector 4 (Failure)

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Hi friends, 

I am sharing here the problem I encountered while using Earth Alerts, I cannot connect to their server because of the error message I pasted below.

encountered while using Earth Alerts

Earth Alerts

Lockdown in sector 4 (Failure)

When I got this error message, I directed my attention to my internet connection, it seems to have no problem because internet connection is present, I also checked my firewall if there are some restrictions but none was listed, as I have checked on the internet for some articles, it will not match with my application problem, I am now asking for some ideas on how to solve this application error, thanks a lot.

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Earth Alerts- Lockdown in sector 4 (Failure)


"Lockdown in sector 4" is an error generated by Gmail.

Here's an explanation from Gmail regarding this type of error:

Since your screenshot shows Thunderbird as your e-mail client, you are most likely accessing your Gmail account via POP or IMAP. In which case, please check if you have downloaded or receiving large amounts of e-mail in a short amount of time. If you are, then you would have to wait for 24 hours before you can access Gmail again. Another thing to check is if you are sending too many e-mails that may be bouncing back.

For the error not to appear again or too often, you will have to do something about your settings for Earth Alerts. Limit the number of alerts that it sends out or you can just access your e-mail via the web interface.

Hope this helps!

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