DVD error, Error code [0xC1].

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I had written files to the DVD after downloading ISO.. The error pops up whenever I insert the DVD.into the drive.

The file 'autorun.dll'  is corrupt and would not be able to execute. Setup is not able to continue. Error code [0xC1].

Help me solve the problem

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DVD error, Error code [0xC1].


You got it wrong. It is not the DVD writer that has the problem. It is the ISO disc image that you burned onto the blank DVD disc that has the problem. It can not be the DVD writer that is in error when you burned the disc because the data you burned is not in the form of a file or group of files, it is a disc image. If there is already a corrupted file included on the disc even before they created the disc image, then after creating the disc image the corrupted file that is on the original disc is already included inside the ISO disc image.

Your only solution for this would be downloading another ISO disc image but from a different website. It’s useless to download again the same ISO disc image from the same website you previously downloaded because you’ll only be getting the same disc image that you originally downloaded.

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