Where can I find my modem’s Mac address

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I forgot my password for my email, so I went to my internet service provider's website and tried to change the password there. After I entered my email address, it was asking me for the mac address information.

It said its found at the modem. I see several mac numbers in the modem, but I don't know which one to try first. And they are so small. I don't have a phone to call my service provider. Can you help me?

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Where can I find my modem’s Mac address


Mac Address is usually consisted 12 digits combination of numbers and letters, and they have usually some intervals such as dash ( –) and colon (:).

It can be one of these followings:
 08:09:07:A9:B2:EB with colons
 04-11-4A-B9-E2-B4 with dash
If you’re using Windows Vista:
  • Go to “Start” menu, then select “All programs” next choose “Accessories” followed by “System Tools” and “System Information”.
  • In the front of “Components” tap the “+ sign”.
  • In the front of “Network” tap again the + sign. Then press on the “Adapter”.
Now look through the “Network Interface Card” it will display the Mac Address.
Take note that Modem Address usually consisted of “PPP” they are almost the looks the same with Mac address but they are completely different and Internet Protocol Address is consisted of periods and numbers only like this 456.123.12.3.
However if you’re using Windows XP.
  • Go to “Start” menu then select “Programs” next choose “Accessories” followed by “Command Prompt”.
  • You’ll see then a black window screen, input this command: ipconfig /.
  • Your Mac Address is located on the right side of your Physical Address.

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