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After copying a movie from my disk I ejected the CD from the DVD ROM. When I started watching the movie a message interrupted me.

"There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive H:"

I clicked cancel but it appears again and again. The From temporary solution I keep this bar near the clock icon.

What is the permanent solution? I restarted the laptop several times but the result is the same.

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Hi Augustin,

There might be a chance that your copying file is not fully completed or the shortcut is made instead of the complete copy so you must check that out. Or else in the error message you can see that it is a problem of Svc host. There might be some kind of virus which is resisting the running of movie files. First you have to scan your computer and repair your windows.

Did you register your windows while you were installing the window? That’s the basic issue. Sometimes the unregistered windows can't be updated. If your window is registered and it’s still having a problem then check on your security alerts and update alerts from the menu bar on the right side. Then scan it. Do it from safe mode if you can otherwise from the normal mode. 

You should check the driver of your DVD Room and video driver too. Hope this will help you.

Have a nice day.

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Hi, Augustin,

It may happen if a recording program software installed in your PC. It also happens if your windows version and software version does not match. Please uninstall the old program. Then install Rasy CD Creator 4.x or 3.x.Now notice again. Now, there is no CD problem with your PC.