Droid stuck in a start up mode.

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When i turn my droid pro on it shows the Motorola emblem, says"droid" shows the red eye and starts all over again. To turn it off i have to take the battery out.

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Droid stuck in a start up mode.



  • If by any chance you can access the menu then you should try wiping the data out of the phone, and then wipe out the cache afterwards and see if that will solve the problem. You will need to wipe it from stock recovery.
  • After that you will need to apply the update.zip from the custom recovery so that to reinstall the programs you might have lost when you wiped out the data.
  • If the problem persists you may need to call the customer support so that they can give you further help concerning that issue.

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Droid stuck in a start up mode.


This problem with restarting doesn’t only happen to mobile phones like the Motorola DROID but with computer operating systems as well like Microsoft Windows. This indicates a problem in the operating system itself. It is possible that one of the system files got corrupt. In Motorola, one possible way of fixing it is to start your phone in FastBoot mode to re-flash the handset’s ROM.

Before re-flashing your phone’s ROM, make sure it can start in FastBoot mode. To do this, turn off your phone. When the phone is completely off, press and hold the volume up, volume down, and power button simultaneously until your screen turns white. When your screen turns white, release the buttons. This should bring you to FastBoot. Try resetting your phone here then see if it works.

In case your phone doesn’t reset here and the problem continues, head down to Restore Motorola DROID from Bootloop with FastBoot Files and follow the guide carefully.

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