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A pleasant day to TechyV!

Can anybody please help me? This error is interfering with my work. What is causing the template to resist renaming? I'm sure it doesn't have the same name as the other templates. I hope you can help me with this  one! Thanks!

Dreamweaver is unable to rename the template. Access was denied.

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hi there, SimoneDeB , most of the time rename is denied when the program is open with another software. So make sure that the template which you are talking about is not opened by other application. If it is than close that application and try to rename it again. if this not solve the problem Ok then restart your computer then after restarting only start Dreamweaver and try to rename the folder. If this is not the solution then see if you have permission to rename it. To do this right click on the file and go to “properties” and go to “security”. If you not try to get the permission.      

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Hi Simon,

Ensure that when you are renaming the template you save it in the .css (dot css) format. The problem may be occurring because you are saving in some other format that is recognized for adobe Dreamweaver templates. Or maybe you are not providing an extension at all when saving the template.

Ensure that you are working with the right site as you declared it when you were creating the local host folder. A slight confusion between multiple sites that you might have created may bring a conflict between the pages and templates you are creating leading to such problems as the one you are having.
Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.