Dreamweaver MX template error “Nested editable regions”

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What is wrong here?

I am getting this from Dreamweaver MX template."Nested editable regions" even though there are no nested editable regions and refuses to update the linked pages. ”

Here is a screen shot of this error-

There is an error in line 4, column 138 of D:EnginesWebNested editable regions


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Dreamweaver MX template error “Nested editable regions”


Among the main problems with VS is that it is prone of rewriting HTML. It is highly likely that this problem is messing up the template generated code. There is one solution which may not apply all the times, but it is quite logical and it usually works.

Check the code wall of the Template including the Editable Region tags as a missing tag might be found somewhere for example: a missing closing </head/tag which might be why the program is having the idea that you have some nesting errors.

If a tag is not closed such as </head>tag going missing, the next editable area is then obviously nested in that head region. This is a coding error of the HTML rather that a DW error.

DW is unlikely to give alert when the </closing>tag is missing- recalling the fact that this is that coding that was giving DW in the beginning. Hope your problem gets solved soon.

Best of Luck!

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