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Where do I get a good tutorial on I/O, memory management & multi-cores in LINUX? Which heuristics algorithm is used in implementing 'adaptive read ahead mechanism' in Linux Kernel? Which Linux kernel version is supported by Qualcomm MSM8660 Processor initially? 

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There should be many tutorials on those subjects;  I/O,  memory management and multi-cores in Linux online and therefore you will need to do a systematic search to download them. By a systematic search I mean you take one topic and then go to your favorite search engine and search the tutorial from there and download them. For instance you can take memory management, and if you favorite search engine is Google, or yahoo, just search from there. It will also be clever of you if you specify that search to find the PDF files of the tutorials. You can also get more tutorials from Google books, and hard copy books the cover the same topics.

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