Acquiring a geo ip tool download compatible with linux

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Where can get a geo ip tool download that is compatible with my Linux Operating system that would work as good as that on the windows platform and how do I install the downloaded application using the terminal?

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Acquiring a geo ip tool download compatible with linux


Hi Maycle Clark

Geo IP is available in all over the internet for all Linux flavors.

Geo IP module use database, which is equipped with IP blocks as keys and countries values.
It will use automatically to select the closes mirror geographically to analyze your web servers.
Logs are used to determine the countries of your visitors to control different types of controls.
Now here it comes the installation phase.
First we have to install the C libraries of Geo IP; it is available for Debian repositories so we can install it in a simple way.
By using Linux command.
#Sudo apt-get install libgeoip1 libgeoip-dev.
Now you have to install the Geo IP perl module. You need to download perl module locally from MaxMind or you can download from CPan.
Now follow the steps.
#make test
#make install
For all others Linux flavors you need to follow these steps, Instead of using centos4.
For centos4 you need to skip these steps as it has its own perl module package in the “extras ” repository so you can install it by simply running this command.
#up2date perl-Geo-IP
 I hope you’ll get the method of how to install and configure Geo IP. Good Luck!
Johnstoon Leen

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