Domain connectivity is problematic in LAN

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We are working in our office using a LAN and a domain controller installed on a Server Machine. All the clients save data on the server. All the systems assigned their IP address. Mostly I found that all the systems can access the server. This server is the domain controller but many times the connectivity is not there. All the possible precautionary measures I have done.

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Domain connectivity is problematic in LAN

You need to follow the following steps. Let me informed if your issue got resolved.
  1. First, all your systems should have similar class IP. The Subnet mask needs to be associate with it. All your LAN computers should have common network settings. Error would occur if you made any changes.
  2. All of your systems should be checked thoroughly for appropriate gateway address. It should be same for all systems. The Internet or network is accessed by the computer from the router which is also known as the gateway. It should always be right.
  3. The LAN connectors on the network should be checked for firmly crimped and LAN is properly connected to it, as well to the switch or hub. LAN errors are mainly caused for this firmly crimped so its very important.
  4. The light should be blinking for every corresponding computer while you are connected otherwise that computer is not connected.
  5. Proxy Settings needs to be check several times and also check for firewall. As the firewall blocks unrecognized incoming connections for your LAN security. Manually configure all systems under it, but it should always be enabled.
  6. The PING command should be used to check whether the connection is live or not. To check that you are getting reply or not you should ping "IP of System or Router."
Best of luck.
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Domain connectivity is problematic in LAN


Good day,

Know what the NORMAL look of LEDs, flashing light and other indicators are. We typically look at these indicators only when something is NOT working and then assume they are telling us things that they probably are not.
Keep a 'gold standard' – something that you know works – could be a laptop, could be a long cable that will stretch everywhere and you KNOW WORKs. Use this to eliminate possible errors.
Jacksonn Maria

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