Does MAC OS supported by normal PCs?

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How to build my PC that runs on Mac OS, is it possible ?

Here is my PC configuration:

Processor: core i5

Ram: 4 GB

Hard Disk: 500GB

Graphic Card: 1 GB internal

Can I make my PC Mackintosh?

Please help me…

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Does MAC OS supported by normal PCs?


Dear Dihan,

it is a good thought that you want to change your mind and want to get a new thing in your computer system. You want a new feature and other available programs in the form of converting your computer operating system into a MAC operating system.

So my friend, actually Mac is a GUI.  It is a digital graphical user interface system and in this operating system only the support is of the Apple computer's because it belongs to  Apple. So for this you have to get an Apple system.  It will help you, use Mac operating system.  In our old traditional systems,  MAC software interface doesn’t work properly.


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Does MAC OS supported by normal PCs?


Firstly I would like to mention that installing the OS X to a non-Apple hardware is strictly prohibited. Apple had already tries to shut down those who will clone OS X. However, if you still you wish to proceed then you can search for the same on Google. There are plenty of useful information that can assist you. As far as I know, your PC should under go several hardware configuration to support the OS X environment. 

Do a good Google Search and I am sure you will find some good information.

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