Does linksys rangeplus wireless network adapter work on vista 64 bit?

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I am going to replace my PCI wireless card with a wireless network adapter. I searched about different USB adapters and got interested about  linksys rangeplus wireless network adapter. According to the specifications it is a good product. But I found that some people say it does not come with support driver for Vista 64 bit. My OS is vista 64 bit. The package is on the way. Please instruct me how to fix this. 

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Does linksys rangeplus wireless network adapter work on vista 64 bit?



Hello Melisa,

You left out some very important information about the type of RangePlus network adapter you purchased. Not all RangePlus adapters are compatible with Vista 64-bit.Of all the RangePlus wireless USB adapters, only the WUSB 300N model is not compatible with Vista 64-bit. Never-the-less, it is compatible with Vista 32-bit.

If you bought the WUSB100, WUSB 600N models, you shouldn't bother as they are compatible with Vista 64-bit. You still may have to download the drivers from this link if you bought the WUSB 600N models or if you bought the WUSB 100 models.

You should check this list to see if your model is compatible with Vista 64-bit and if it's compatible with your computers’ specs

Hope you find this information useful.

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