Want to know more about 3270 web application.

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I know that all 3270 web application is called "green screen" application. But i am little confused why it is so called and what's the feature of a 3270 web application. Please express it to me if you can do so.

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Want to know more about 3270 web application.


Hi Mary,

The 3270 web application was a product of the IBM Company. It was a display terminal that consisted of displays, printers and controllers. It was mainly developed to enable easier interaction with the mainframes by minimizing the number of data transmissions and also that of the system interrupts. This enabled faster performance of the IBM mainframes. The 3270 display screen was a text-only display terminal and consisted of a black screen that displayed green text hence acquiring its name the ‘green screen’ terminal.

Feature of the 3270 web application include:

1.    It has a text-only display screen.

2.    It is a block-oriented terminal since it sends data in terms of blocks.

3.    It is field-oriented meaning that a program can output data on an application as a whole rather than displaying the data line by line.


However, this application is not in much use today since it is entirely dependent on the mainframe for its operations thus it is sometimes used to interact with the mainframe computers.

Martin East.

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