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I am new to the Apple Family and this forum.  My job is giving me an ipad2 this afternoon and I was wondering if Apple has installed an antivirus software. If not, which software should I get?

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Yes, You do not need any antivirus or software as such for your iPad2. You will use the applications from the app store and Apple approves every app in the app store one by one. They are restricted by apple, they cannot do anything to harm the iPad. Apple products such as the iPad, iPod and iPhone are all secure as they are a part of a closed system. The iOS architecture is more secure than a Mac or PC or Linux system, but it's not bulletproof. So keeping the updated iOS is much more safer. But basically it has no viruses because: 1.You can't get apps/programs from anywhere but the app store. 2.Every app in the app store is safe, as apple has personally checked each one. In conclusion, no, you will never need antivirus of any kind on an iPad. Ever. Welcome to worry-free computing...