Does iMac come with 19 inch laptops?

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Does Apple Laptops iMac come in 19"

I want a laptop with some detailed specifications/Cost details please

Would love to have few models compared with Pros & Cons

Thank you all

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Does iMac come with 19 inch laptops?


First of all, the iMac is a desktop, not a laptop. It weighs about 12.5 pounds/5.68 kg for a 21”(17.7” height, 20.8” width) and 21 pounds/9.5kg for 27”(diagonal length) iMac.

As for laptops based on Mac, there are two options MacBook Air, and MacBook pro. 

MacBook Air being the lighter option compared to Macbooks. MacBook air comes in two sizes 11” and 13” ranging from 999$ to 1299$. The CPU is Intel core i5 (dual core), 4GB of onboard memory and a choice in flash memory of 128GB or 256GB.

The MacBook Pro comes with Retina Display, greater size and more powerful processors. They are available in 13” and 15” sizes, prices ranging from 1499$ to 2799$. The processors available are Intel i5 and i7 in both dual core and quad-core variants. The memory choices are 8GB and 16GB.

As per the reports, Apple would be releasing a 12” high resolution retina display laptop with the portability as the MacBook Air in 2014 .Better guide on types of laptop could be provided on the basis of your requirements. 

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Does iMac come with 19 inch laptops?



Apple is computer manufacturer from California/USA. IMac is one of Apples products. IMac is desktop computer and laptops are called MacBook. MacBook has two series, the Air and Pro. Non of them is 19 inch. Air has 11 and 13 inch models and pro only 13 and 15 inch model. 17 inch model was discontinued ad the end of 2011. Apple did not produce 19 inch laptops.

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