Does GetRawInputDeviceInfo nicename exist in C Programming?

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Hi! I am carrying out my design work using C programming language. I have come across several functions that I can use in achieving some particular goals. For example, I am able to use GetRawInputDeviceList() to get a list of all input devices. However, I have tried to use GetRawInputDeviceInfo nicename but I get an error saying that the function does not exist. How do I go about it to get the input device info containing the names of the devices?

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Does GetRawInputDeviceInfo nicename exist in C Programming?



I don't know what version of C++ you are using to design your software or to execute code and you are getting errors in your compiler. Although the syntax of the C++ code for device detection is as under 

UINT WINAPI GetRawInputDeviceList(

  _Out_opt_  PRAWINPUTDEVICELIST pRawInputDeviceList,

  _Inout_    PUINT puiNumDevices,

  _In_       UINT cbSize


You can use this code to enumerate raw input devices that are attached to the system.


Darrel R Gonzale


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