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What document system would you recommend for my warehouse that generates inventories most of the time? I will need a basic system that will get me what I want. I am a basic computer user and do not know advanced IT skills.

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You need to use a Microsoft Office Excel. Any version will do but of course the latest version which is 2012 is much better since it is much updated. You can create your own formulas that will generate your inventories for your warehouse. Excel is also generally better for analyzing data: performing complex calculations, exploring possible outcomes, and producing high quality charts. Excel automatically generate future values that are based on existing data or to automatically generate extrapolated values that are based on linear trend or growth trend calculations.
You can fill in a series of values that fit a simple linear trend or an exponential growth trend by using the fill handle or the Series command. To extend complex and nonlinear data, you can use worksheet functions or the regression analysis tool in the Analysis ToolPak Add-in.
Hope this helps.