DNS Server is not responding

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I am using 1 Mb DSL package. But from a few days I cannot use it because it is not connecting to the Network. When I diagnose it.

Please give me the solution because Windows cannot repair this problem.

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DNS Server is not responding


Are  you using the DNS of your ISP to name resolution ?

What is your Network environment ? Do you have AD, DNS integrated Environment ? What is your IP configuration ? Did you make any changes to the DSL modem software ? or did you reset your DSL modem software ? Unfortunately I can't see your attachment.  If you can give me some more information about your DNS problem I can help you.

You can do following thing to test is easily:

  • Please check your Network cable.
  • Try to ping to your DSL modem from another computer.

To ping :

  • Open command prompt (CMD) to open CMD  or in run type CMD.
  • Then type ping^your DSL modem/ Router IP Address ( like not the same).
  • Check whether its successful or not. If it is not pinging to your DSL router, the network cannot reach your DSL modem/ Router so check the cable again.

There can be more and more reasons for this, if you can give me more details I will be able to specifically help.


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DNS Server is not responding

  • Domain Name Server – DNS server not responding when computer is not displaying the content of the website using DNS.
  • This DNS translate IP address to a websites and this display the whole address of the webpage you visited.
  • DNS error are caused by either the browser itself, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or any type of browser that has corrupted DNS computer issue.
  • To fix this problem, one thing to consider is to make sure that the DNS client is enabled and activated.

Here's how to check this settings

  • Go to Start, click on Run and type services.msc
  • Then click on OK button to open Services page
  • Look for DNS client and double click on it
  • Make sure that DNS client is running if not, click on Start the service
  • Click OK and close the page

Then try browsing the Internet.

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DNS Server is not responding


That means the server is failing to give you data or your network connection isn’t able to reach the server to get the data. It is a common problem nowadays. Provide all solutions are good but as well these remedy you can also visit this techyv page too.

Error 105: The Server Could Not Be Found while Surfing the Net

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