How to fully export and import the VPN settings Lion

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Hi Experts.

I discovered the export option from OS X does not export things like: proxies, or DNS settings from the VPN configuration.

How can I export all of these?

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How to fully export and import the VPN settings Lion

Hello Amanda Keterina,
Please follow the instructions below to export your VPN settings:
– Go to Network Preferences and add VPN Interface that you need
– Open System Profiler and copy the Hardware UUID from Hardware Tab
– Go to Library/Preferences/Byhost and locate you old Network Preferences file.  It must have the form of<prior-mac-UUID>.plist, copy this file. Replace the <prior-mac-UUID> portion with the one you had previously copied in System profiler. You must now have a new file named<new-mac-UUID>.plist.
– Open both files in TextWrangler: the<new-mac-UUID>.plist file you previously made, and /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist.
– In preferences.plist, find GUID of each VPN interface that you have made. The "UserDefinedName" string at the end of the key will give you:
<string>VPN (L2TP)</string>
The first long string ("14A4B264…") is the part you want. Copy this.
– Now move to your file. Locate the key that contains all of your old VPN settings. Select the whole key name (GUID of your VPN interface on your old Mac), then paste it to replace it with the new GUID.
– Repeat steps five & six for every VPN interface you need.
– Save the changes and close the file. Close the preferences.plist file without saving anything.
– Open your Network Preferences, Choose your VPN interface, you should see your past configurations.

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