Disk Defragmenter could not start error

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It's been a long time since I last made a defragmentation of my computer. I decided to run this defragmentation since I only have few spaces left on my hard disk. I opened the Drive C: then right click it to go to its properties then on the tools tab, I choose Defragment Now, but when I hit the start defragment an alert box says;

Disk Defragmenter could not start.

I restarted my computer then start the defragmenter again and again; another error came up on my screen

Disk Defragmenter has detected that Chkdsk is scheduled to run on the volume (C:)

Please run the Chkdsk /f.

I am running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 32-Bit OS. I run the windows command prompt and typed Chkdsk , after hitting the enter key, this message appears next in line;

Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process… And asking me if I like the volume to be check the next time my computer restarts with Y/N choices. 

I have no other programs running as I am about to start my defragmenter and I don't like anything that will interrupt the process, so everything is closed. I don't have idea about these errors.

Does Chkdsk can't run because it is present in my defragmenter?

But why can't I start  my defragmenter?

What is causing these errors to appear?

I need help.

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Disk Defragmenter could not start error


To solve this problems take these steps 

Go to Start menu and click "RUN" then type regedt32.exe

Now Registry editor will be shown now just go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then to SYSTEM and Under system go to "control" and then to "session manager" Now choose boot execute and place this line in there " autocheck autochk * "


That's it. If the problem remains then:

Check wherever all other programs are being closed before performing the task of DISK CHECK.

Checks your drive on which you want to perform DISK CHECK have a 25% free space approximately.

Go to your command prompt and apply this command “CHKDSK” it will first check you disk where it contains errors or not.

Check for system restores point if the problem is still there. You can perform this operation very easily. And i hope you know that also. You can use this like to access it also:  c:windowssystemrestorerstrui.exe

Check that the files and folders are not virus/Trojan/worms infected you can check them by installing a antivirus and for performing a scan.

I hope this will solve that problem.

Paul info.

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Disk Defragmenter could not start error


This error is coming due to the reason because your Hard drive on which you want to perform Disk Defragmenter is either full or have less space then required. Note that drive must have 25% of free hard disk to make a Defragment. So please check it and make sure that this is not the cause for error.

About CHKDSK you can make it simply by following actions:

Go to start and click on RUN and now type CMD press enter here in new DOS window type CHKDSK it will check you disk from errors and make it error free it will also observe the data clusters on the disk and if any found it will inform you through scan. That's it I want to say I hope you have solved your problem.

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Disk Defragmenter could not start error


I am not an advanced user so I don't really want to touch the registry on my computer but the solution above is useful and  thank you for the information about having a 25% free space on the drive that I am about to scan.

It's working now.

Thanks again.

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