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Where can I get a good e-tutorial on Directx 3D explaining “Multi sample Quality levels” and “Multisampling”?

Why is the resource view of D3DX11 showing a partial copy of a texture?

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Hi Bella,

D3DX11 as of the moment only supports texture loading functions directly from Direct3D 11 resources. That is why you are only able to view partial texture on the application. This component will be available in the future and will officiate and provide great new technologies.

Multi sampling is used so that you can update all sub samples in a single stroke. It affects however, the usage of multiple rendering passes. It is only valid if you create a swap chain. You can try to go to this website for some tutorial on multi samples and multi sample quality level

Additional information can be found here.


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There is an abundance of such video tutorials online, so basically all you have to do is Google it.

This way you can get a lot of information on this topic.

It basically works like this: Direct 3D will keep the existing enumeration, and when you use the Multisampling quality changes it will add the possibility to choose the quality level for every element of the enumeration.
You need to determine the number of maskable samples by choosing the quality level.
It is basically a trade-off between the visual quality and the performance. This way application will be able to chose the number of maskable samples and after that it will consult the quality levels.
If this is a non-zero value, then it shows the number of quality levels that the application will be able to pass to the various creation functions through Multi Sample Quality.

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You can find e-tutorials regarding Multi sample Quality levels and Multisampling at different sources.

One of the finest examples could be Toymakers. They have a great series.

Another could be DirectX tutorials which is also great.

You can also take a look which has been written over games using Direct X and C++.

Also,you can find them here

Best wishes for you.