Difficulties in using Ezvid software and capabilities of it

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Can you help me with Ezvid? This is a recording software for desktop to capture the activities. I am just not sure if this is the proper software for me instructional videos. Can you give me what are the system requirements for this software? What are the specifications of it? What are the available formats both for audio and video that it can accept and it can provide? Can you show me where and how to properly download this software?

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Difficulties in using Ezvid software and capabilities of it


Ezvid is an open-ware or free software available online. This software runs perfectly with Windows XP with SP3 and Windows 7. It can also run with Windows 8 and 8.1. The system requirement is pretty simple, you just need to have the operating systems above running in your computer and you’re good to go.

Ezvid supports “*.jpg/jpeg (Joint-Pictures Experts Group), *.png (Portable Network Graphics), *.gif (Graphics Interchange Format), *.bmp (Bitmap Image Format), etc.“ Meaning that it accepts most of the available picture formats that you can found in the web.

It accepts also “*.avi (Audio Video Interleaved), *.wmv (Windows Media Video), and MOV (QuickTime Format).”

The integrated environment of this software is pretty much simpler than any other. Below are the main parts of the software.

1. Title Box – this is where you place the title of your project

2. Video Keywords and Video Category

3. The background Music

4. The throttle control for adjusting the intensity of background music

5. The main window – where you can see the actual screen captured.

6. The timeline – where you can see the actual parts of the video that you’re recording

7. Buttons (VoiceFX, game recording, capture screen, record voice, synthesize, add text, add image or video, zoom-in and out, play, new, add a project).

This software was designed to directly upload your creation to be upload right away to YouTube.com. Other comments that you cannot save your project, actually there’s a way to get a copy of your project, but you have to save it and finalize first in Ezvid. You can retrieved the final and complete recorded video in Ezvid by going to Documents/MyDocuments >> look for Ezvid folder >> look for Projects folder >> and  look for folder numbered 1.

Simply type the name "Ezvid" and Google it and you will be properly directed to the source site where you can download and install the software. This is easy to install, it is very-friendly-user.


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