Different questions about the virtual memory

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Hello! I have a few questions related to virtual memory. The questions are the following:

1) As the name suggests it is not a real memory so does it actually exist?

2) Is it more in storage than the RAM and hard disk?

3) Is it faster than RAM and hard disk?

4) What kind of circumstances forced us to use virtual memory?

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Different questions about the virtual memory

Hi Bruce,
1 Virtual memory is a capability of an OS that enables the computer to overcome the shortcomings of the physical memory by transferring blocks of data from Random Access Memory to Disk Storage temporarily.
2 Virtual memory is a combination of the computer’s RAM and the available temporary space on your hard disk. When RAM becomes low, virtual memory is responsible for moving data in a space called a paging file from RAM. 
3 To increase the working speed of the computer, it is better to increase the RAM capacity rather than adding memory to virtual memory. So virtual memory is not faster than them.
4 If virtual memory was not there, two individual programs cannot be loaded into memory and executed simultaneously. This is due to the fact that they have to necessarily have different functions to perform at the same physical address.

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