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Hello Everyone! This one may seem an elementary question but I just wanted to get a clear explanation as to what is the difference between software and hardware testing. How are these two tested? What are the main systems being checked for each one and what are your most recommended tools available for download online that one can use in testing a software and hardware.

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Something discussion about software and hardware testing can give you the rest about their differences. Hardware is essential to build a electronic product. A hardware engineer must have to knowledge about it's part by part of construction and if their any problem faces they are able to solve it. Radio, TV are having hardware but what about software? IT's like something a life blood of today world of IT. But software are a math based programmed. So when a software engineer testing a software he must be a programmer. Difference is here. Programming and organizing equipment. You may see more about detail here-

Here I give you another way to learn about it-

And you can get hardware and software testing tools here- and here-

Hope you can solve your problem with all of this.