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What is the difference between an integrated and a non-integrated system board?

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Non-integrated motherboards are the earlier versions of motherboards and are no longer available today.

They are already obsolete.

They are the type of boards where each component is like an expansion card that is attached to different slots.

For example, the Super I/O card (Input/Output) where the floppy disk controller is attached, the parallel port for the printer, serial ports that can be used by external modem, the keyboard and mouse interface and game port is attached.

Unlike today, most of the components are already integrated in the motherboard.

Before, a video card is in a separate expansion card. Although today there are still video cards that are bought in a separate piece.

But most of the boards today have a built-in video card. And the Super I/O card before is already built-in in the motherboard.

Sharath Reddy

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There are totally a lot of differences between integrated motherboards with non-integrated motherboards. A non-integrated motherboard or system board is the kind of motherboard that earlier computers have.

During this time, the SI/O card or the Super Input/Output card is still separated from the motherboard.

It is installed separately like the video card and the network card or LAN card. The Super Input/Output card is where you connect the mouse, the keyboard, the modem, and more.

Integrated motherboard is the improved version of the old ones. With an integrated motherboard, the previous SI/O card is already built-in or integrated with the motherboard.

All of the motherboards today have a built-in video card and installing a separate graphics card is optional. Unlike before, a video card is necessarily to be installed separately. There are also system boards today that include an integrated network card.