Strange beeps issue with my P4

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I am using a desktop computer P4, recently it just got fell down from table, and after that whenever I just switch on its power, it starts giving strange beeping sound from it, even though speakers were not connected to it, I am just curious to know the real cause this strange beeping sound from the inside of CPU.

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Strange beeps issue with my P4



Normally the beep sounds are generated from the motherboard due to many reasons. The beep issue mainly causes when the RAM is not not inserted properly in the RAM slot of the motherboard. Do as below.

1.Disconnect POWER from the CPS.

2.Remove cabin (CPU) cover left side by removing two screws on the backside of the PC.

3.Look for the RAM fixed to the motherboard ( which will be on the right of the FAN inside ).

4.Release the white clips on both side of the RAM to outside, which will push out the RAM. (Note : Don't close the clips until told you to do so)

5. Keeping the clips open, re-fix the RAM firmly to the same slot from where you removed. As there is a middle cut on the motherboard and RAM which must be aligned properly.

6.Once it is fixed properly, connect the power cord and switch on the PC.

7. If the beep sound is no more, your problem has been resolved.

8. If the sound is repeated, you may try by fixing the same RAM in another slot on the motherboard. (Repeat the steps 1-6).

9. After completing the step, the problem is repeated, you may try by getting another RAM from the computer shops and try out the same.

10.Even after completing step 10, the problem is repeated, we can confirm that there is issue with your motherboard.

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