Difference between BST and Binary Tree

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Please explain me what is a Binary tree and difference of it from B S T. Are both same. If not How?

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Difference between BST and Binary Tree


Hey Dear!

Let me explain you the difference between Binary Tree (BT) and Binary Search Tree (BST). It is very easy. Let us start with Binary Tree.

A Binary Tree (BT) is a tree in which every nod can maximum has two children. It cannot exceed two. Let me explain you with a diagram.

In the above picture, you can see that every nod has only two children. This is called Binary Tree.

Now let me explain you about Binary Search Tree (BST).

Binary Search Tree is also known as sorted Binary tree. I will explain it to you with one picture.


In the above pictures, you can see that on the left side the node keys are less than the nod's key.

On the other hand, if you see on the right side you can see that all nod keys are greater than nod's' key.

These are the features of Binary Search System.

I hope you understand it.



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